News Releases

  • UGA researchers identify new pathway in human pathogens

    Several of the more aggressive pathogens that infect humans can thrive in an oxygen-free environment of the human gut. These pathogens also have the ability to acquire the essential nutrient iron from an abundant cofactor, specifically heme (the cofactor that makes blood and muscle appear red).

  • Diagnostic tests for sinus infections leave much to be desired, study says

    Many patients who see physicians for sinus infections expect to be prescribed an antibiotic, but for the majority of them, that course of treatment won't be effective because their infections aren't caused by bacteria. Unfortunately, there aren't great tools to determine which patients will or won't benefit from antibiotics, and the University of Georgia's Dr. Mark Ebell is determined to change that.

  • Informatics symposium at UGA draws nearly 150 participants

    Nearly 150 participants from 30 units at the University of Georgia gathered Oct. 11 for a daylong symposium created to foster interdisciplinary collaboration following the creation of the Georgia Informatics Institutes for Research and Education.