5.04-2 Allocating Space to Retired or Emeritus Personnel

It is the responsibility of each dean and department head to oversee the assignment of office space to emeriti faculty members. Decisions concerning the use of office space by emeriti faculty should be made with the following criteria in mind:

  1. The individual should continue to participate in teaching, or research, or public service activities which, in the judgment of the dean and department head, will benefit the academic discipline, the department or college, and The University of Georgia.

  2. The individual should continue to represent the University of Georgia by participating in lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. as a nationally/internationally recognized authority on an area of specialization within an academic discipline.

  3. The objective in providing some office space to emeriti faculty should be to encourage the continuation of scholarly productivity without sacrificing the manageability of our physical resources or our existing departmental operations.

Office of the Vice President for Instruction, June 1984