1.02-6 Academic Professionals

Academic Professionals must have an appropriate terminal degree, or in rare and extraordinary circumstances, qualification on the basis of demonstrably successful related experience, which exception is expressly approved by the Provost. The Academic Professional designation may not be assigned to a position where the teaching and research responsibilities total 50% or more of the total assignment. The position is not a tenure-track position, and the holder of the position is not eligible for consideration for the award of tenure, or for probationary credit toward tenure. The designation Academic Professional may apply to a variety of academic assignments that call for academic background similar to that of a faculty member with professorial rank, but which are distinctly different from professorial positions. Examples include managing instructional laboratories, assuming academic program management roles not suited for expectations applied to tenure-track faculty members, operating instructional technology support programs, being responsible for general academic advising, assuming professional student counseling center responsibilities, providing specialized skill acquisition training as support for academic programs, and working with tenure-track faculty members in course and curriculum development.