1.04-2 Adjunct

The statements below are guidelines with respect to the appointment and promotion of adjunct faculty:

  1. Adjunct appointments are courtesy appointments. Adjunct faculty cannot be paid. 

  2. Adjunct faculty cannot earn tenure. The appointing unit must review an adjunct appointment every three years and through personnel reports indicate if the adjunct appointment is to continue for another three-year period.

  3. Appointments of adjunct faculty must be processed in the same way as regular faculty appointments. While searches and EEO approval are not necessary, faculty members in the appointing unit must vote approval of the adjunct appointment. The process of appointment of adjunct faculty will be the same as the process of appointment for regular faculty. 

  4. Adjunct faculty may be persons from outside the University of Georgia. 

  5. Full-time, permanent University faculty also may be appointed as adjunct faculty in a department, college/school or unit other than the department, college/school or unit wherein the faculty member has rank. An appointment of a University faculty member to an adjunct position must be consistent with that faculty member’s rank. (For example, an associate professor can be appointed as an adjunct associate professor, not as an adjunct professor.) 

  6. Promotions of adjunct faculty members are processed during the same time period as other promotions through the department, college/school, and University committees. (Based on the preceding point, this promotion process is limited to adjunct faculty members who are not full-time University faculty members. If a full-time University faculty member is promoted, any adjunct title should be adjusted to keep the faculty rank and adjunct title consistent.) 

  7. Adjunct faculty members can be appointed to the Graduate Faculty with all rights and responsibilities of such faculty. 

  8. Adjunct faculty members do not have voting rights in departmental, college/school, and University Council meetings. These faculty members may participate in discussion as invited.


1.04-2.1 Ineligibility for Benefits


Since adjunct faculty members are not paid, they are not eligible for benefits.