1.07-3.1 Supplements

An administrative supplement is a unit budget allocation beyond the base salary provided in recognition of the assumption of administrative responsibilities. Such supplements shall be defined separately from the base salary in institutional salary documents and will not be considered in determining annual salary increases. Only the base salary will be used for salary increases. Any increase made to the administrative supplement will be a separate budgetary action and will require concurrence of the appropriate institutional administrators and University Budget Committee. The amount of the supplement will be recognized and shown as such in an individual’s contract. The terms and period of the recognition of the supplement will be recorded in a separate agreement with each individual.

Specifically, the following University procedures will be implemented under conditions of retracting from a position which has had an administrative supplement consistent with established Regent policy:

  1. The administrative supplement will be retracted.

  2. When an administrator leaves a fiscal year position to assume an academic year contract, the salary will be converted from a twelve to nine month base.

  3. If the individual is returning to a faculty position which he/she held prior to holding the administrative position, the adjusted salary will not be less than his/her faculty salary at the time of the transfer plus his/her salary percentage increases applied to the base salary exclusive of any supplement for each of the years during the period while holding the administrative position.

  4. If the individual is transferring to a faculty position which he/she did not hold prior to holding an administrative position, the adjusted salary will not be less than the average salary of faculty within the same rank and experience.

  • University President, 11/3/88