1.08-2 Interviews

Before a position is advertised, job-related screening criteria should be developed based upon the position description. These criteria must be applied equally to each applicant. If two applicants seem equally qualified, there must be identifiable determining factors which will make the final selection one that can be justified. Formal interviews should avoid questions that are not related to the applicant’s skills, qualifications, or other job-related factors. Neither the interviewer nor any other pre-employment inquiry should seek information which might be viewed as the basis for a biased hiring decision. The following subjects of inquiry may be regarded by compliance agencies as evidence of discrimination:

  • race, national origin, religion, age, sex, disability, or veteran status;
  • marital and family status - including child care problems;
  • plans to have children;
  • height or weight (unless this information is job-related);
  • friends or relatives working for this institution;
  • arrest records;
  • applicant’s credit rating;
  • other financial data.

Any faculty position at UGA is eligible for a temporary non-immigrant work visa sponsorship. Since faculty positions assume permanence, especially those that are tenure track, sponsorship for permanent residence may also be considered. If a hiring unit brings a foreign national candidate to campus for an interview it is advisable to arrange an appointment for the candidate and a staff member from the hiring unit with the appropriate staff member from the UGA International Student, Scholar and Immigration Services (ISSIS).  ISSIS will assist the candidate and department with both visa sponsorship and permanent residency.  In general, H-1B visas are used to initially hire faculty with a subsequent initiation of the permanent residency process.