1.09-10 Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty are non-tenured faculty employed less than full-time at a single University System of Georgia (USG) institution, or at more than one USG institution.  Part-time faculty:

  1. Are not accruing time toward tenure.
  2. Are required to sign a letter of agreement for each appointment period and are not issued contracts. A template letter of agreement is posted at the Office of Faculty Affairs website.
  3. Are not the same as adjunct faculty appointments, which are unpaid.
  4. May be USG benefits eligible, depending on the duration of their employment and percent time employment. If the part-time appointment is continuous for more than one consecutive semester (excluding summer) and 50% time or greater, benefits will be offered based on percent time in accordance with the Employees Categories policy in the USG Human Resources Administrative Practice Manual.
  5. Are required to account for hours worked/week over the academic year.  If teaching is an assigned duty, then the faculty member’s instructional work time is based on contact hours/week.  See the UGA contact hour conversion chart (below) to convert instructional contact hours to standard hours worked and percent time employed. If teaching is not the only assignment, then part-time faculty must track their non-instructional hours worked/week.

  6. Who work or teach at more than one UGA unit and/or USG institution must notify each unit/institution of the appointments, disclose the number of contact hours being taught or hours worked at each unit/institution, and may have his/her employment limited by the unit/institutions.  A USG Dual Appointment Agreement (http://www.hr.uga.edu/dual-appointment-information) between institutions must also be initiated.  In most cases, the dual appointment agreement must be fully-executed by the Presidents of both institutions prior to the employment effective date.  Note that initiation of this agreement is an on-going obligation prior to any new term of joint employment among USG units.

For additional information about part-time faculty, see the following sections of the Board of Regents Policy Manual:

Sources for UGA Policy:
BOR Academic & Student Affairs Handbook: 4.2 Definition of Part-Time
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