1.09-5 Equal Opportunity Office Ltr or Affirmative Action Checklist/USG Applicant Clearinghouse Form

If a search was conducted, the Affirmative Action Checklist and USG Applicant Clearinghouse form are required. If no search was conducted, an Equal Opportunity Office letter approving the appointment without a search is required.

  • Internal Administrative Appointments: The above requirements apply for all administrative appointment of current UGA faculty with the exception of internal appointment of an academic department head. If a department head of an academic unit is appointed from the pool of tenured faculty within the unit, approval of the Equal Opportunity Office or documentation of a search is not required.
  • Part-Time Appointments: The above requirements apply only to new part-time appointments or for faculty who have not been appointed in the same position/unit within the past three years. Equal Opportunity Office has given blanket approval for all other part-time appointments that meet the following criteria: a) no title change; b) no unit/department change; c) percent time employed does not exceed 75%; and d) break in service of no more than three years.

See Section 1.08 Recruitment of Faculty for additional information on the faculty search process or contact the Equal Opportunity Office.