1.09-6 Official Transcript

The final official transcript from the degree granting institution is required for the highest degree earned. Below are additional requirements if the highest degree has not yet been awarded, if it is available in electronic form via download or if the highest degree awarded is from a foreign institution:

  • Transcript for High Degree Not Yet Available: If the official transcript listing the degree, discipline, and award date is not available at the time of appointment (e.g., candidate recently received degree or completed degree requirements but degree has not yet been awarded or transcript for completion not yet available), the following documents are required:

    1. Original letter or degree certification form from the candidate’s major professor, department head or registrar certifying that all requirements for the degree have been met and date the degree was or will be awarded. This letter of certification should be on the institution’s letterhead and include the specific degree (e.g., PhD, MA, MS) and major area of concentration.

    2. Official transcript for the prior highest degree earned.

  • Electronic Transcript for High Degree: If the official transcript is an electronic copy, OFA must be given access to download and print the document directly from the awarding institution’s website to verify authenticity. Candidate should request electronic transcript be sent to ofatranscripts@uga.edu. The hiring department should email the name of candidate and hiring department to ofatranscripts@uga.edu to receive confirmation that electronic transcript has been received.

  • Transcript for High Degree from Foreign Institution: For candidates earning their highest degree from a foreign institution, the transcript must be accompanied by the following documents:

    1. Notarized translation if transcript is not in English.

    2. Certification of U.S. Degree Equivalency, preferably from a recognized credentialing agency (see /documents/fef11605.pdf). U.S. degree equivalency will also be accepted from a UGA faculty member, preferably an academic dean or department head, who is an expert in the candidate’s academic discipline using the below letter template:

I certify that the degree documentation submitted to the UGA Office of Faculty Affairs for faculty candidate’s name from foreign institution name, city, country awarding the degree/level in discipline/major on date granted is reliable and that the institution has standards similar to those of an accredited institution of higher education in the U.S. I have reviewed this degree documentation and certify that the degree is equivalent to a degree/level in discipline/major in the U.S.

UGA Faculty Member/Discipline Expert Name, List of Academic Credentials
List other credentials/positions held appropriate for this expert review