1.12-2 Leave For Other Reasons

In addition to leaves of absence for educational and professional purpose, leaves may be justified for a variety of reasons, including military leave, family medical leave, sick leave, jury duty leave, voting leave, and others. Contact the Office of Faculty Affairs if a faculty member serving under annual contract requests use of one of these other types of leave beyond 3 months. See Human Resources Policy and Procedures for information on other types of leave:

Sick Leave: http://www.policies.uga.edu/FA/nodes/view/1159

Vacation & Annual Leave: http://www.policies.uga.edu/FA/nodes/view/1158/Annual-Leave

Family and Medical Leave: http://www.policies.uga.edu/FA/nodes/view/1163/Family-Medical-Leave-FMLA

Military Leave: http://www.policies.uga.edu/FA/nodes/view/1164/Military-Leave

Other types of Leave: http://www.policies.uga.edu/FA/nodes/view/1111/Time-away-from-work

  • Office of the Provost, updated 06/18/10