1.13-2 Voluntary Disclosure of Drug Use

If, prior to arrest for an offense involving a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug, an employee notifies his or her immediate supervisor that he or she illegally uses a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug and is receiving or agrees to receive treatment under a drug abuse and education program approved by the institution President, such employee shall be retained by the institution for up to one year as long as the employee follows the treatment plan. Retention of such employee shall be conditioned upon satisfactory completion of the program.

The employee’s work activities may be restructured if in the opinion of the immediate supervisor it is deemed advisable. No statement made by an employee to a supervisor or other person, in order to comply with this policy shall be admissible in any civil, administrative or criminal proceeding as evidence against the employee. The rights herein granted shall be available to a System employee only once during a five-year period and shall not apply to any such employee who has refused to be tested or who has tested positive for a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug.