1.08-7 Dual Career Academic Hiring Policy

I. Introduction

This policy is intended to enhance the University’s ability to recruit outstanding faculty members who are part of a dual career academic couple. Increasingly, potential faculty members are part of a dual career couple, and a major condition of acceptance of an offer from the university is the employment of both members of the dual career couple.  Therefore, the University of Georgia has established a dual career hiring policy to ensure that we remain competitive in the faculty hiring process.

II. Purpose

The dual career program at the University of Georgia will provide resources, including funds, to assist departments in the appointment of dual career faculty couples. At this time, appointments will be considered only within the University of Georgia and not with other institutions.  For purposes of this policy, a tenured or tenure-track faculty member being recruited by a department will be termed the “primary faculty appointment” and the accompanying faculty member, who may be considered for a tenured or tenure-track or non-tenure-track (e.g., lecturer) position, will be termed the “associated or secondary faculty appointment.”  Faculty appointments, including teaching or other faculty ranked position, are described in the UGA Academic Affairs Policy Manual sections 1.02 and 1.03.

III. Guidelines

a. This policy does not apply to already-employed faculty members or to staff positions.

b. This policy does not create any entitlement or contractual rights to employment assistance or employment or any other obligation with respect to any candidate’s family member.  Every effort will be made to assist dual career faculty couples in finding suitable employment under this policy at the University, but given finite resources and the need for an appropriate fit, it will not be possible to respond to the employment needs of all dual career faculty couples.

c. The program provides funds from the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost to assist schools and colleges with secondary faculty appointments. The terms of the program are as follows:

1. There must be an appropriate fit between the qualifications of the person seeking the secondary faculty appointment and the available or proposed faculty position.  The appropriateness of fit is at the discretion of the unit in which the appointment will be made.

2. The unit which appoints the primary (recruited) tenured or tenure track faculty member provides a minimum of one-third of the salary of the secondary faculty member for no more than two years; and,

3. The unit which appoints the secondary faculty member provides a minimum of one-third of his/her salary for no more than two years as part of the initial employment;

4. The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost provides up to one-third of the salary for the secondary faculty hire.  The salary support from the Office of the Provost for the secondary faculty position will be for no more than two years.

5. All applicable hiring policies and processes, including job references and background check, should be followed to finalize the faculty hire.  The receiving unit may make an offer of employment only after the conclusion of negotiations regarding terms and financial support.

6. If the faculty member in the secondary position leaves his/her appointment before the end of the agreed-upon term, the salary funding in this position at the time will revert according to the initial proportions indicated above.

7. The primary unit is committed to funding only for the period specified in the original agreement between the hiring units and the Provost. The continuation of the appointment of the secondary faculty member shall be entirely under the purview of the unit in which that individual is appointed in accordance with all personnel policies and procedures applicable to similar appointments in the unit.  The letter of appointment should explicitly state if, beyond the term of the agreement, the position is contingent on the availability of funds.

8. Implementation and scope of the dual career faculty program is contingent upon funding.  Departments should route the completed Dual Career Faculty Application Form to their respective deans for signatures prior to submission to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.  Requests will be considered on a rolling basis and funding is at the discretion of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

Reviewed by EOO
September 10, 2013

Office of the Provost