3.02 Prohibitions in Classrooms

3.02-1 Policy for Smoking, Food or Drink in Classrooms during Academic Classes


Smoking and tobacco use is prohibited on the entire campus.

Food is prohibited in all classrooms during Academic classes. Drinks are permitted only in spill-proof containers.


It is the responsibility of each instructor to require students to comply with this policy. It is also the responsibility of each dean and department head to require the same compliance by all teaching personnel.

  • Campus Reservations Office, April 2003
  • University Council Minutes, June 1, 1987
  • University System of Georgia Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy 9.1.7, October 1, 2014

3.02-2 Prohibition of Animals in Buildings


Animals are prohibited inside all campus facilities, except in areas where academic pursuits require their presence (e.g., animal science, veterinary medicine, etc.) or in cases where the animal serves a disabled person (e.g., guide dogs).

  • Office of the Vice President for Instruction, April 12, 1985