4.09-2 Learning Support Policies on Suspension and Re-entry

Suspension Policy

Learning Support students (Developmental Studies who are required by the state to complete courses for institutional credit) are allowed three attempts to exit a program area (English, reading, mathematics, and counseling). If after three attempts in any program area students have not met criteria for exiting, they are suspended from the University. Any Developmental Studies student may appeal for a fourth semester. Learning Support students with disabilities may appeal for a fourth and fifth semester.

Re-entry Policy

Students suspended from the University because they have failed to exit any Developmental Studies area in three attempts are suspended from the institution and from attending any other public state institution for a minimum of three years. When three years have elapsed, suspended students may petition the Educational Affairs Committee of the University Council for readmission. Students readmitted under this provision are subject to the 20 hour time limit on college level coursework and may not take credit work if they had earned 20 credit hours during their previous period(s) of enrollment. Readmitted students are allowed no more than one semester to satisfy all Development Studies deficiencies.


If the requirements for exiting Learning Support are met while on dismissal, the student must apply to the appropriate academic unit for re-admission. In this instance, re-admission requirements are determined by the policies of that unit. Developmental Studies requirements can be satisfied only by successfully completing Developmental Studies courses.

Time spent in Learning Support course work in a disciplinary area is cumulative within the University System.

Students who have been suspended from the institution without completing Learning Support requirements may not be exempted from their Learning Support requirements through transfer of course credit unless they are eligible for transfer admission under the institution’s regular transfer admission policies.

  • Division of Academic Enhancement, November 11, 2003