5.01-2 Social Uses of Instructional Areas

  1. In general, instructional areas are not to be used for social occasions, except as outlined below.
  2. Small receptions may be held within instructional areas, provided the following rules are observed:
    1. only light, non-alcoholic refreshments are served;
    2. such receptions are held in direct conjunction with academic functions, such as awards ceremonies, convocations, initiations into academic societies, concerts, art shows, and the like;
    3. no loud music or other entertainment is to be provided during the reception;
    4. an explicit provision is made for clean-up of the area by the individuals or group sponsoring the event; and
    5. rules governing the use of the academic facility do not already prevent its use for this purpose.
  3. Other social occasions requiring the use of University facilities and which do not qualify under 2 above, must be cleared through the University authorities directly in charge of those facilities.
  • Office of the Vice President for Instruction, May 27, 1976