5.04-8 Reporting/Responding to Health and Safety Concerns of Faculty and Staff

The University of Georgia affirms the importance of the health and safety of all personnel. It is therefore essential that well-defined and publicized guidelines are observed for the prompt resolution of heath and safety concerns raised by faculty and staff. The principal operating policy is that resolution of and response to health and safety concerns should be at the closest possible administrative level to the concerned faculty and staff. Administrative steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. Each school, college, division and other major University units will develop an orderly and timely process for faculty and staff to report health and safety concerns through their respective administrative structures.

  2. A health or safety concern of faculty and staff should be reported in writing to the University administrator directly responsible for the program or space affected. Depending upon the operating policy of the particular major University unit, the administrator might be a department head, a director, a dean (or designee) or a vice president (or designees). The administrator will attempt to resolve the concern if it is within his/her wherewithal to do so. The administrator for the ____________________ (building) or (program) is ______________________.

  3. If the health or safety concerns cannot be resolved within the department or division, school or college or other major University unit, the responsible coordinator should contact the Environmental Safety Division and/or Physical Plant, as appropriate. If the concern cannot be resolved with the technical assistance of either the Environmental Safety Division and/or Physical Plant, it should be referred to the next administrative level.

  4. Resolution, or concrete plans for resolution, of health and safety concerns should be completed within 30 days from the time a concern is initially expressed by faculty or staff. That information should also be reported in writing to the employee who raised the issue. Administrative heads of schools, colleges, divisions and other major University units should include in their statement of operating policy a provision for assuring this timely response.

  5. A copy of this policy shall be posted in appropriate locations within each respective unit’s jurisdiction.

  • UGA Cabinet: adopted on October 15, 1990; revised on August 29, 1995; revised on January 31, 2003