Koru Mindfulness and Meditation Series for Faculty

REGISTration VIA PEP (opens May 3rd) 


through PEP: Professional Education Portal. Registration opens May 3rd. Search under “Koru.” Limited to 12 faculty participants. Must be able to attend all sessions

Instructor: Kiz Adams, UGA Well-being Coordinator and Certified Koru Instructor. 

June 3, 2021 | Thursday | 3:45 -- 5:00 pm
June 10, 2021 | Thursday |  3:45 -- 4:45 pm
June 17, 2021 | Thursday | 3:45 -- 4:45 pm
June 24, 2021 | Thursday | 3:45 -- 4:45 pm

Koru Basic 1.0: Mindfulness and Meditation

Looking to develop a mindfulness practice that will increase focus and attention, decrease level of anxiety, and improve sleep? “Mindfulness” has become quite the buzzword these days.  What place does mindfulness have in a work setting?  Well, as it turns out . . . a lot.  We now have the hard science that proves that developing mindfulness through the practice of meditation reduces stress, improves focus, and leads to better decision making. 

 Koru Mindfulness is 4-week series offered to faculty through the Faculty Learning Series in which participants meet weekly for 60 – 75 minutes to learn and practice skills for mindfulness.  The program was developed by two physicians at Duke University’s Health Center and has been used successfully there for 15 years to help individuals learn skills for managing stress and reducing anxiety. 

What is required of participants?

  • A commitment to attend all four training sessions 
  • A member of UGA faculty
  • An open and curious mind
  • A desire to approach life in a less stressed, calmer, more focused way
  • A sincere willingness to try to practice the techniques learned in the class for 10 minutes a day

If interested, please sign up through the Professional Education Portal at www.pep.uga.edu. You can search by name “Koru.”