Faculty Learning Cohort Programs

Longitudinal programs enable deeper and shared learning.  OFA offers several cohort-based programs that allow faculty to learn together, including:

  • New Department Head Orientation
  • Creating a Sustainable Writing Program
  • Aspire Fellows
  • Summer Leadership Institute

New Department Head Orientation

According to a recent nationwide study by Gmelsh on department heads, only 33% of heads receive any training for their new role.   Don’t be part of that silent majority.  UGA’s New Department Head Orientation has many useful topics for university administrators, regardless of you’re a new or continuing department head or Associate Dean.  You can enroll in the whole program, or just certain sessions – you decide.  Advanced registration is required. Information about registration will be available in July.


Creating a Sustainable Writing Practice - Summer 2019

This program will help faculty members set achievable goals, manage daily and writing-related stress, and learn best practices for creating a sustainable writing practice. After the initial one-day workshop, short meetings with writing experts will continue every two weeks to support and track progress towards writing goals. Participants are encouraged to register and participate in this program with a writing “buddy” to provide mutual support for achieving your writing goals.

The summer cohort will begin with a daylong retreat on May 24, 2019, followed by short, bi-weekly meetings all summer.  Please register by May 11, 2019.  [The fall cohort of this program will begin August 13, 2019, if you’d like to mark your calendar.]

Location: Tate Center Room 479 for the 1-day retreat; TBD for bi-weekly meetings

Dates and times: May 24, 2019, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.; and then every two weeks for a one hour meeting

Participants: All faculty, regardless of track, level, or rank, are welcome to register; preference will be given to “buddy pairs”

Advanced registration: Required. Please email Carly Surratt at csurratt@uga.edu to register, and indicate whether you are registering as an individual or part of a buddy pair (please include your buddy’s name).


Aspire Fellows - 2019-2020

In the Aspire Fellows Program, mid-career or senior faculty will build upon their existing successes and strengths to realize new aspirational goals and achievements. During the fall of this year-long program, each Fellow will focus on creating an individualized plan to define and achieve their aspirations. In the spring, the programming will be tailored around common thematic areas that fit with the interests of each Fellow.

Program time commitment:  August 2019 to May 2020, ~ 6 hours per month, which includes a 3 hour monthly workshop/meeting, and weekly assignments (approximately 1 hour/week).

Participants:  Associate professors, professors (tenured or untenured), and mid-career/senior faculty on any career track who want to work towards an aspirational goal in a structured environment.   

Application and nomination: To apply, please submit the following information to Carly Surratt at csurratt@uga.edu by June 12, 2019:

  1. The candidate’s name, title and department
  2. The candidate’s professional and personal goals for participation in the Aspire Program, if selected 
  3. The candidate’s agreement to fully participate in all activities and assignments
  4. The candidate's preference for either the onsite or asynchronous cohort
  5. A letter of support from the candidate’s supervisor discussing their motivation, potential, and commitment to identify and achieve an aspirational goal

Questions:  Contact Carly Surratt (csurratt@uga.edu)


Summer Leadership Institute - 2019

You have a complex and demanding job in a changing world.  Improve your ability to positively impact your life and environment in UGA’s Summer Leadership Institute for aspiring or established faculty leaders.   The Summer Leadership Institute uses a cohort model for improving self-awareness, shared learning and leadership skill development.  

Schedule:  Leadership Institute, July 22-25, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location:  Graduate Athens, 295 Dougherty Street

Participants:  Future, emerging, or established faculty leaders at any track, level or rank at UGA are encouraged to apply.   Staff may apply but acceptance is contingent on availability and payment of the individual’s program expenses.

Application and nomination:  To apply, please submit the following information to Carly Surratt at csurratt@uga.edu by June 12, 2018:

  1. Name, title and department
  2. Your goals for participation in the Faculty Leadership Institute, if selected, and your plans for ongoing learning
  3. Your agreement to fully participate in all activities and assignments
  4. A letter of support from your supervisor regarding your leadership potential and commitment to professional learning, growth and development.

Questions: Contact Carly Surratt (csurratt@uga.edu)