Faculty Learning Cohort Programs

Longitudinal programs enable deeper and shared learning.  OFA offers several cohort-based programs that allow faculty to learn together, including:

  • New Department Head Orientation
  • Creating a Sustainable Writing Program
  • Aspire Fellows
  • Summer Leadership Institute

New Department Head Orientation

UGA’s New Department Head Orientation has many useful topics for university administrators, regardless of you’re a new or continuing department head or associate dean. Participants can enroll in individual workshops or the entire session. The next session will be fall 2018.

Creating a Sustainable Writing Practice - Spring 2019

This program will help faculty members set achievable goals, manage daily and writing-related stress, and learn best practices for creating a sustainable writing practice. After the initial one-day workshop, short meetings with writing experts will continue every two weeks to support and track progress towards writing goals. Participants are encouraged to register and participate in this program with a writing “buddy” to provide mutual support for achieving your writing goals.

Location: Training and Development Building
Dates and times: December 12, 2018, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m,. and then every two weeks for a one hour meeting
Participants: All faculty, regardless of track, level, or rank, are welcome to register; preference will be given to “buddy pairs”
Instructional Team: Elizabeth Davis, Lindsey Harding, Kiz Adams, Susanna Calvert
Advanced registration: Required. Please email Susanna Calvert to register, and indicate whether you are registering as an individual or part of a buddy pair (please include your buddy’s name).

Aspire Fellows - 2018-2019

In the Aspire Fellows Program, mid-career or senior faculty will build upon existing successes and strengths to realize new aspirational goals and achievements. During the fall of this year-long program, each Fellow will focus on creating an individualized plan to define and achieve their aspirations. In the spring, the programming will be tailored around common thematic areas that fit with the interests of each Fellow.
Program time commitment:  August 2018 to May 2019, ~ 6 hours per month, which includes a three hour monthly workshop/meeting, and weekly assignments (approximately 1 hour/week).
Participants:  Associate professors, tenured or untenured, senior or mid-career faculty on any track who want to work towards an aspirational goal in a structured environment.   
Application and nomination: To apply, please submit the following information to Susanna Calvert by June 12, 2018:

  1. The candidate’s name, title and department
  2. The candidate’s professional and personal goals for participation in the Aspire Program, if selected 
  3. The candidate’s agreement to fully participate in all activities and assignments
  4. A letter of support from the candidate’s supervisor discussing their motivation, potential, and commitment to identify and achieve an aspirational goal.

What alumni have said:  "incredibly enlightening and helpful for my development as a leader...Susanna is fantastic"; "keeping me on task with my writing and projects.  I now have 3 papers under review, 2 revise and resubmits"; "just what I have needed to re-energize my career as a mid-career faculty member...(there is an) excellent balance of faculty development workshops, peer accountability and self-study...Dr. Calvert does an excellent job engaging all of the Fellows so that we may realize our full potential"; "provides support and the opportunity to share aspirations"; "what stands out to me… is how insightful our session meetings are"; "iit has helped me to manage my professional life in more systematic and goal-oriented ways."
Questions:  Contact Susanna Calvert at Susanna.Calvert@uga.edu

Summer Leadership Institute - 2018

New!  Optional Diversity and Research Leader Tracks

You have a complex and demanding job in a changing world.  Improve your ability to positively impact your life and environment in UGA’s Summer Leadership Institute for aspiring or established faculty leaders.   The Summer Leadership Institute uses a cohort model for improving self-awareness, shared learning and leadership skill development.  

The SLI’s Research Leader Track is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in research administration or to lead large, interdisciplinary teams of scientists.   Research and leadership are often viewed as separate activities.  However, an effective researcher must be able to manage their lab and research program successfully.  In addition, effective leadership is needed at the helm of every university, research institute, research center, and in the areas of research policy.  The SLI’s Research Track option is designed to provide the unique context that aspiring research leaders need to take their work to the next stage.  Facilitators:  Lisa Kelly, Training Coordinator, Office of Research; Phaedra Corso, Professor of Human Health, Director of Economic Evaluation Research Group;  Adam Milewski, Associate Professor and Associate Department Head, Department of Geology.

The SLI’s Diversity Leader Track is designed for those who wish to improve their awareness, knowledge, and skills to pursue a diversity-related change project.  Many of us wish we can do more to respond to inequity when it occurs or to create an inclusive environment, but often lack the skills or confidence to do so.  In this 12-month program, participants will learn foundational concepts about diversity and inclusivity, meet with campus diversity leaders, and develop and pursue a change project at the individual, unit, campus or community level. Facilitators:  Shonte Matthews, Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Development, Office of Institutional Diversity and Anneliese Singh, Professor and Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, College of Education

Schedule:  May 21-24, 8 AM to 5 PM.  Diversity and Leadership Tracks will have additional programming, dates TBD:

  • Research Leaders - includes two half-day sessions during summer or fall 2018
  • Diversity Leaders – includes a change project, 3 additional workshops and 7 cohort meetings over a 12-month period.

Location:  The Graduate Athens for the May sessions
Participants:  Future, emerging, or established faculty leaders at any track, level or rank at UGA are encouraged to apply.   Staff may apply but acceptance is contingent on availability and payment of the individual’s program expenses.
Application and nomination:  To apply, please submit the following information to Susanna Calvert by April 30, 2018:

  1. Name, title and department
  2. Your goals for participation in the Faculty Leadership Institute, if selected, and your plans for ongoing learning
  3. If you wish to participate in either of the optional tracks, please also provide the following information:
    • Research Leaders - In addition to the SLI application package, participants should submit a brief description of their goals for participation in the Research Track.
    • Diversity Leaders - A description of your proposed diversity change project, not to exceed one page in length. The project may be something you wish to create on campus or one that pertains to your own professional development.  In addition, list the leadership program you have or will attend prior to the start of the Diversity Leaders Track.  Provide a short description of the program, length, and dates attended if you did/will not attend the Summer Leadership Institute.
  4. Your agreement to fully participate in all activities and assignments
  5. A letter of support from your supervisor regarding your leadership potential and commitment to professional learning, growth and development.

What alumni have said:  "fantastic program”; "inspiring"; "much more than leadership strategies and practices; it facilitated deep introspection into who I am as a human being and how leadership is about ongoing reflection on how to treat myself and others with compassion."; "allowed me to pause, reflect and evaluate where I want to go next in my career"; "provided new insights."
Questions: Contact Susanna Calvert