Faculty Offer Letter Templates

Since changes to the below offer letter templates will occur, please check back at this URL to download the appropriate template each time you need to prepare a faculty offer letter.

PLEASE NOTE:  All offer letters for tenure-track or tenure-on-appointment faculty should be reviewed by the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Elizabeth Weeks (weeksleo@uga.edu)*, and approved by the Provost before they are sent to the candidate. 

*Please copy Carly Surratt (csurratt@uga.edu) on offer letters submitted to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs for review.

Full-Time Faculty (100% time)

Assistant Professor-Academic Year Contract (last updated Feb 2024)

Assistant Professor-Fiscal Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

Associate Professor-Academic Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

Associate Professor-Fiscal Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

Professor-Academic Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

Professor-Fiscal Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

Supplemental paragraph that should be included in any offer that includes an administrative title AND is made to a faculty member who already holds tenure at UGA, or is being offered tenure on appointment:

Administrative Duties with Tenure

Per the Joint Academic Appointments policy, tenure track faculty appointed in more than one academic unit should be provided with a written Memorandum of Understanding explaining the terms of their joint appointment.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Academic Appointments

Non-Tenure Track Faculty-Academic Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

Non-Tenure Track Faculty-Fiscal Year Contract (updated Feb 2024)

 Alternate paragraphs for the following ranks to use in non-tenure track template:

Academic Professionals

Clinical Faculty



Research Scientists

Part-Time Faculty (less than 100% time)

Part-time faculty are required to sign a letter of agreement based on this template for each appointment period.

For more information, please contact:

Office of Faculty Affairs
225 New College
Athens, Georgia 30602