A Studious Summer

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Total summer enrollment has risen for the third consecutive year and in 2017 reached a record 16,447.

Whether on-campus, online or around the world, summer enrollment at the University of Georgia is on an upward trajectory.

Total summer enrollment has risen for the third consecutive year and in 2017 reached a record 16,447. That figure is a 4 percent increase over last year’s record and a whopping 22 percent increase over summer 2014.

These impressive year-over-year increases are the result of a concerted effort to increase summer enrollment with an eye toward helping our students earn their degrees in a timely manner. To that end, the University’s Office of Instruction has spearheaded a targeted communications campaign to encourage students to enroll in summer courses and also implemented procedural changes, such as earlier registration dates for summer courses, to facilitate summer enrollment. The deans of the University’s schools and colleges have played a critical role in boosting summer enrollment by creating additional sections of high-demand courses, and our dedicated academic advisors work closely with students to help them integrate summer courses into their programs of study.

Students continue to expand their academic horizons through summer study abroad programs, as well. This summer nearly 1,900 UGA students studied abroad, an increase of nine percent over the previous year alone. Study abroad participation is widely recognized as a high-impact educational experience that has been linked to better learning outcomes, more timely degree completion and greater career success.

Another popular summer learning opportunity—online education—continues to grow rapidly. Students enrolled in nearly 10,000 online courses this summer, a 33 percent increase over the previous year and more than the double the course enrollment from just two years ago. Summer online courses give students the flexibility to earn credits while visiting family, participating in an internship or studying abroad, and they play a critical role in boosting the University’s overall summer enrollment. 

The University’s continued growth in summer enrollment is great news for students. Nine out of 10 UGA students who earn their degrees within four years take at least one summer course, and elevating summer enrollment will remain a key priority.

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