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Students at UGA have more than 100 opportunities to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years or less through a new accelerated master’s program known as Double Dawgs.

The University of Georgia has just launched another bold and ambitious program that helps position our students for success after graduation. Through a new linked-degree program known as Double Dawgs, our students now have more than 100 opportunities to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years or less.

The Double Dawgs program saves students time and money by enabling them to earn a master’s degree in one year instead of two. After graduation, they enter the workforce with a more advanced complement of knowledge and skills that gives them a competitive advantage. Our state and nation benefit, as well, thanks to a better educated and more innovative workforce.

Faculty members in 14 schools and colleges have developed a total of 113 Double Dawgs programs. Many are within the same field, while others span schools and colleges. The complete list is online at, and additional programs will be added as they are approved.

Double Dawgs comes at a time when the demand for the specialized knowledge that graduate education provides continues to grow, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 18 percent growth in careers requiring a master’s degree compared to 12 percent for degrees requiring a bachelor’s degree alone. Through the Double Dawgs program, students accelerate their progress toward a master’s degree by taking rigorous, graduate-level coursework during the final year of their undergraduate studies.

I am deeply grateful to the faculty members, department heads and deans for creating such a broad array of accelerated master’s programs for our students. The leadership and staff in the Office of Instruction and the Graduate School have worked tirelessly to launch the Double Dawgs program, and their behind-the-scenes work underscores their commitment to students.

With unrivaled hands-on learning opportunities and more than 100 accelerated master’s programs, the University of Georgia is at the vanguard of public higher education. As a result, this institution has become a magnet for some of the nation’s most ambitious and talented students. We are engine of opportunity, both for our students and for the state and nation we serve. 

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