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The productivity of existing faculty members and strategic investments in new faculty members, such as GRA Eminent Scholar Robert Haltiwanger, has resulted in a record level of grant-funded research.

The University of Georgia’s research enterprise is thriving like never before, with a record level of grant funding that is fueling discoveries that advance human health, safety and security, and economic vitality.    

In fiscal year 2017, total research and development expenditures increased for the fourth consecutive year to reach a record $458 million. This surge is being driven by dramatic growth in funding from competitive external grants and contracts, which climbed 37 percent over the past three years to reach $198 million in fiscal year 2017.

Securing grants to conduct world-changing research has become increasingly difficult over the past several years as the availability of federal funding for research has declined in both real and inflation-adjusted dollars. To help our faculty members succeed, the Office of Research has worked closely with the Division of Finance and Administration to streamline processes and to increase the level of support that faculty members receive as they apply for and manage grants and contracts. UGA’s surge in grant-funded research is clear evidence that our extraordinary faculty members are outcompeting their counterparts at universities across the nation, and it is a testament to their talent and dedication.

Increased research productivity among our existing faculty has been complemented by strategic investments in new talent, such as our recently hired Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholars, our Presidential Extraordinary Research Faculty hires and the eight faculty members recruited last year through the Presidential Informatics Hiring Initiative. 

The grant funding that they and our other faculty members garner represents a boost to Georgia’s economy to the tune of $2 in economic impact for every $1 in external funding, as those dollars are spent on equipment and salaries for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. More than 600 products based on UGA research have been introduced to the marketplace, and they range from new crop varieties to vaccines and software. In addition, nearly 150 companies have been created based on UGA research. 

The University of Georgia’s dramatic rise in research funding lays the foundation for future discoveries and innovations that improve health and quality of life. Our commitment to our state and world is reflected in our ongoing work to lift our research enterprise to even greater heights in the coming years.

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