1.01 Definition

The faculty of the University of Georgia consists of the corps of instruction and the administrative officers.

1.01-1 Corps of Instruction


Full-time professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, senior lecturers, and teaching personnel with such other titles as may be approved by the Board, shall be the Corps of Instruction. Full-time research and extension personnel and duly certified librarians will be included in the Corps of Instruction on the basis of comparable training. Persons holding adjunct appointments or other honorary titles shall not be considered to be members of the faculty.

1.01-2 Administrators


In addition to the Corps of Instruction, the faculty will include the President, administrative and academic Deans, Registrar, Librarian, Chief Fiscal Officer, and such other full-time administrative officers designated as having ex officio faculty status. A faculty member who has academic rank and rights of tenure in the Corps of Instruction and who accepts an appointment to an administrative office (other than President) shall retain his/her academic rank and rights of tenure as an ex officio member of the Corps of Instruction but shall have no rights of tenure in the administrative office to which he or she has been appointed.

The additional salary, if any, for the administrative position shall be stated in the employment contract and shall not be paid to the faculty member when he/she ceases to hold the administrative position. An administrative officer having faculty status shall have all the responsibilities and privileges of faculty membership. Administrative officers shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Regents and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.

President or Provost approval is also required before internal administrative appointments (non-search or search), including Institute Directors, Department Heads, and Associate Deans, including Interim and Acting appointments, are offered at any rank.

1.01-2.1 Procedures for Administrative A Faculty Rank


Administrators who may hold the non-tenure track Administrative A faculty rank include: President, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Vice and Associate Provosts, Associate Vice Presidents, Deans, Associate Deans and Assistant Deans of schools and colleges, and Directors, Associate Directors or Department Heads. Administrative A faculty may have a different job title, if the title is approved by the President or Provost.

Administrative A faculty must have a master’s degree in a disciplinary area appropriate for the position (as defined in the job posting), or in rare and extraordinary circumstances, may have a bachelor’s degree and qualifications on the basis of demonstrably successful experience relevant to the position. Master’s degree exception requests must be approved by the President or his/her delegate, before an Administrative A position is offered to the candidate.

President or Provost approval (depending on reporting line) is required before any Administrative A faculty position is posted as an open search.