1.11 Tenure

The Board of Regents and the University of Georgia have guidelines for the granting of tenure to faculty.

1.11-1 Award of Tenure


Tenure may be awarded by the President, upon completion of a probationary period of at least five years of full-time service at the rank of assistant professor or higher. The five-year period must be continuous except that a maximum of two years interruption because of a leave of absence or part-time service may be permitted.

In all cases in which a leave of absence, approved by the President, is based on birth or adoption of a child, or serious disability or prolonged illness of the employee or immediate family member, the five-year probationary period may be suspended during the leave of absence. A maximum of three years credit toward the minimum probationary period may be allowed for service in tenure track positions at other institutions or for full-time service at the rank of instructor or lecturer at the same institution. Such credit for prior service shall be approved by the President at the time of the initial appointment at the rank of assistant professor or higher.

In exceptional cases, an outstanding distinguished senior faculty member may be awarded tenure upon the faculty member’s initial appointment; ; such action is otherwise referred to as tenure upon appointment. Each such recommendation shall be considered by the institution’s President individually and shall be granted only in cases in which the faculty member, at a minimum, is appointed as an associate or full professor, was already tenured at a prior institution, and brings a demonstrable national reputation to the institution.

1.11-1.1 Extending Tenure Clock


For guidelines on requesting extension of the tenure probationary period in situations that are qualifying events under the Family and Medical Leave Act, see this URL /policies/appointment-promotion-and-tenure/requesting-extension-of-the-tenure-probationary-period.