3.03 Classroom Emergencies

3.03-1 Bomb Threat Procedures


The University Police Department of the Public Safety Division is charged with responsibility for responding to bomb threats regardless of whether information is received by the Public Safety Division or by some other member of the University community. It is imperative that information regarding a threat be forwarded to the University Police Department as quickly as possible. Any delay in getting information to the Police Department reduces the opportunity for an effective response. Therefore, each unit of the University should inform all employees of the necessity of forwarding information about a bomb threat to the Police Department as quickly as possible. It will be the responsibility of the Police Department to report immediately to a facility targeted in a threat and to work with University staff members housed in the facility to effect a systematic search. Officials of the Police Department will gather as much information as possible from staff housed in the facility concerning problem areas and other pertinent information that might relate to a bomb threat. It is vital that all University employees cooperate in meeting such an emergency.

The senior official of the Police Department present on the scene will make the decision whether or not to evacuate the facility. This decision will be based on a consideration of all known information of criminal or subversive activity in the area as well as activities of an unusual or disruptive nature occurring in the facility or with staff or employees who utilize the facility. If there is no information indicating that a threat is a hoax or if there is inadequate time for a proper search, the decision of the police official present will be to evacuate the facility.

  • Office of the President, March 1, 1988