Article VII: Deans of Schools and Colleges

Section 1: Appointment

A dean of each school or college within the University shall be appointed by the President and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.[[Policies of the Board of Regents, Presidential Authority and Responsibilities, Personnel Policies, § 2.5.3.]] The recommendation of the President relating to the appointment of a dean shall be made after consultation with a representative committee of faculty members.

Section 2: Powers

The Dean shall be the chief executive officer of the school or college and shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. The Dean shall be responsible for the coordination of the academic programs and instructional activities of the school or college, and shall exercise general supervisory responsibility for its research and service programs.

  2. The Dean shall formulate and recommend proposed policies for the school or college and present them to the faculty for consideration. The Dean shall administer the rules and regulations enacted by the faculty.

  3. The Dean shall present to the University Council those actions of the faculty that require confirmation or approval of the University Council before becoming effective.

  4. The Dean shall recommend the appointment, reappointment, and promotion of members of the faculty of the school or college and of the administrative staff. In the case of recommendations regarding Department Heads, the Dean shall act only after consulting with the faculty of the department concerned. In recommending appointments to faculty positions within a department, the Dean shall act only after receiving the recommendation of the Department Head. Consistent with tenure policy and the Policies of the Board of Regents, the Dean may recommend the dismissal or nonrenewal of the contract of any member of the faculty.

  5. The Dean shall make recommendations regarding persons for appointment to classified positions and shall oversee, control, and direct the work of employees of the school or college.

  6. The Dean shall, after consultation with the members of the faculty and appropriate administrative assistants, prepare annually a budget of the school or college. Where departments exist, the Dean shall ask each Department Head to recommend a departmental budget.

  7. The Dean shall oversee the academic activity of the students of the school or college. The Dean or a designated representative shall advise students regarding the selection of courses and the choice of major and minor fields of study. The Dean shall be responsible for the administration of regulations affecting student scholarship. In discharging this responsibility, the Dean shall give special attention to students registered in the school or college who excel or who are deficient in their studies. The Dean is required to reprove or dismiss students in accordance with the regulations of the University Council or of the school or college faculty affecting scholastic work.

  8. The Dean shall, on the basis of the records and reports of the Registrar’s Office, certify to the compliance by individual students with the requirements for graduation.

  9. The Dean shall be responsible jointly with the Director of the Center for Continuing Education and the directors of similar instructional, research, and public service units for programs operated for the school or college.

  10. The Dean shall, subject to the general authority of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, be custodian of the buildings and other University property occupied or used by the school or college, and shall be responsible for the proper use thereof.

  11. The Dean shall serve as the medium of communication for all official business of the school or college with other University authorities, the students, and the public.

  12. At the close of each academic year, the Dean shall submit to the President a report covering details of the work of the school or college during that year.

Section 3

An evaluation of the Dean every five years shall be taken by the faculty of each school or college and forwarded to the President for consideration in the overall evaluation of the Dean’s performance.