Article XVII: The Staff Council

Section 1: Name

The name of the body hereby constituted shall be the Staff Council.

Section 2: Members

The membership of the Staff Council shall be elected by and from the classified personnel, as defined in the Policies of the Board of Regents,[[University System of Georgia Human Resources Administrative Practice Manual.]] and other regular non-faculty status employees.

Section 3: Powers and Jurisdiction

The Staff Council shall participate in the process of University governance by advising the President and by recommending to and consulting with the University Council in the establishment of rules and regulations deemed necessary or proper for the promotion of the general welfare of the University. The Staff Council shall have nine representatives on the University Council.  One of these, the Staff Council President, will be an ex officio voting member of the University Council, and the remaining eight shall be elected by the Staff Council. These staff elected to the University Council will serve three-year terms.[[University Council Bylaws, V. III.]] All actions of the Staff Council which impact on the operation of the University are subject to the approval of the President of the University.

Section 4: Rules of Procedure

The Staff Council shall have the power to adopt bylaws, to establish general rules of procedure and to determine all matters pertaining to its own meetings, membership and internal structure.