Women's Leadership Fellows

The following faculty members have participated in the University of Georgia Women’s Leadership Fellows Program, which is designed to develop and hone leadership skills and to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities confronting research universities. 

2019-2020 Fellows
Lisa Bayer
Jamie Cooper
Laura Crawley
Vivia Hill-Silcott
Crystal Leach
Juan Meng
Jessica Orbock
Catherine Pringle
Amy Reschly

2018-2019 Fellows
Kris Braman
Joon Choi
Jessica Kissinger
Michelle Momany
Nicole Northrup
Anneliese Singh
Elizabeth Weeks
Shannon Wilder
Sheri Worthy

2017-2018 Fellows
Sonia Altizer
Marie-Claude (Maric) Boudreau
Jody Clay-Warner
Mary Hondalus
Maria E. Len-Rios
Nancy Manley
Amanda Murdie
Emilie Smith
Shavannor Smith

2016-2017 Fellows
Phaedra Corso
Lisa Donovan
Shelley B. Hooks
Charlotte Mason
Shari Miller
Julie Moore
Erin Richman
Lori Ringhand
Sheneka Williams

2015-2016 Fellows
Valerie Babb
Marsha Davis
Ellen Evans
Susan C. Fagan
Jean Martin-Williams
Laura Meadows
Peggy Ozias-Akins
Marisa Pagnattaro
Usha Rodrigues