Teaching Fellowships and Grants

The fellowships and grants listed below recognize and support outstanding instruction and mentorship at the University of Georgia.  

General Teaching Fellowships
CTL Fellows for Transformative Teaching

The CTL Fellows for Transformative Teaching is designed to be flexible and responsive to the teaching and learning needs of the University. MORE

Special Collections Libraries Fellows

Special Collections Libraries Faculty Fellows explore archives-based learning as a high impact practice through intensive workshops with archivists in the University’s special collections librariesMORE

Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the most effective ways to teach and to respond to student writing, studying research that substantiates best practices for helping students develop as writers. MORE

Early Career Teaching Fellowships
Lilly Teaching Fellows Program

The Lilly Teaching Fellows Program provides opportunities for faculty to further develop skills associated with effective teaching and further develop their ability to appropriately balance teaching with the research and service roles. MORE

The Teaching Academy Fellows Program

Teaching Academy Fellows work closely with award-winning senior Teaching Academy faculty mentors throughout the year. MORE

Senior Faculty Teaching Fellowships

The CTL Senior Teaching Fellows Program provides senior faculty with opportunities for the sharing of ideas with other dedicated, highly motivated, and innovative teachers who may have similar interests and who face similar teaching challengesMORE 

Teaching Grants
Affordable Course Materials Grants

Through the Provost's Affordable Course Materials Grant program, faculty members can receive $5,000 to support the transition from costly course materials such as textbooks to educational resources that are free for students or cost less than $40. MORE 

GLIDE Program

The GLIDE Program provides one-time funding to support a half-day or full-day substantive interprofessional development experience wherein academic programs representing three or more professions bring faculty and students together to learn about each other and how to work effectively in interprofessional teams in preparation for entry into the workplace as members of a collaborative team. MORE