Academic Policies

The Academic Affairs Policy Manual covers the University’s academic policies and procedures. Relevant Board of Regents policy is included where appropriate. The authoritative source concerning Board-approved policies and procedures governing academic matters is the Board of Regents Policy Manual. In the event of conflict with the Academic Affairs Policy Manual, the Regents Policy Manual prevails.

The University of Georgia is committed to the American Council on Education's Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities, which has been adopted by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Information on the Working Group on Faculty Evaluation Policies and Practices, which was charged by Provost S. Jack Hu with helping develop revisions to the University’s policies and practices on faculty promotion and tenure, annual evaluation, and post-tenure review, is available here.

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure

Guidelines and related material can be found under the Appointment, Promotion and Tenure menu on the left.