Article VIII: Faculties of Schools and Colleges

Section 1: Members

The faculty of each school and college, with the exception of the Graduate School, shall consist of the President, the designated Senior Vice Presidents, the designated Vice Presidents, and its Dean, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors.

The Graduate Faculty shall consist of ex officio members and appointed members. The ex officio members shall be the President of the University, the designated Senior Vice Presidents, the designated Vice Presidents, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Director of Libraries, and the Dean of each school or college currently authorized to offer programs leading to graduate degrees. The appointed members shall be those members of the faculties of the various schools and colleges of the University appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Dean of the Graduate School.

Section 2: Powers

The faculty of a school or college shall have the fullest measure of autonomy consistent with the maintenance of general University educational policy and standards, and of correct academic and administrative relations with the governing authorities of other divisions of the University.

Subject to the right of revision by the University Council on all matters affecting general University policy, the faculty of each school and college shall have authority to determine the entrance requirements for its own students; to prescribe and define courses of study for them; to determine the requirements for such degrees as may be offered by the school or college; to enact and enforce rules for the guidance and government of its students in their University work; to recommend for degrees such candidates as have fulfilled degree requirements; and, in general, to exercise jurisdiction over all other educational matters in the school or college.

The Graduate Faculty shall determine Graduate School policy through the Graduate Council, and shall operate under Bylaws adopted by the Graduate Faculty.

Section 3: Budgetary Changes

All changes in the program of a school or college or other budgetary unit which involve budgetary questions shall be submitted for approval to the President through the appropriate vice president.