Faculty Hiring Initiatives

Presidential Interdisciplinary Faculty Hiring Initiative in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (2021)

This initiative aims to recruit 70 faculty members who focus on the fusion of data science and AI in cross-cutting areas such as infectious diseases, integrative precision agriculture, ethics, cybersecurity, resilient communities, and the environment. MORE

Presidential Cluster Hiring Initiatives: Precision Agriculture and Brain and Behavioral Health (2020)

The integrative, precision agriculture cluster hiring initiative aims to recruit five faculty members over a two-year period, while the brain and behavioral health cluster hiring initiative aims to recruit five faculty members over three years. MORE

Presidential Cluster and Strategic Hiring Initiative (2019)

Guided by the Task Force on Academic Excellence, this initiative recruited 14 faculty members in areas such as integrative, precision agriculture; environmental sciences; and security, which encompasses cybersecurity, national security, and food security. MORE

Investment in Data Literacy and Intensive Writing (2018)

The Presidential Investment in Data Literacy and Intensive Writing Hiring Initiative stems from two recommendations of the UGA Task Force on Student Learning and Success. MORE

Investing in the Research Enterprise (2017)

Initiated to provide additional start-up funding to attract outstanding faculty members to the University to establish their research programs and contribute to the institution's growing research enterprise. MORE

Investing in the Student Experience (2017)

Focused on faculty members in academic disciplines that are seeing dramatic growth in student demand at UGA, such as engineering, computer science, finance, and biology. This initiative also included hiring additional academic advisors to support undergraduate students pursuing degrees in these high-demand areas. MORE

Investing in the Sciences (2016)

Scientists recruited through this initiative are conducting research aligned with UGA's Great Commitments—Healthier People, A More Secure Future, and Stronger Communities. MORE

Small Class Sizes Initiative (2015)

This initiative recruited 56 faculty members and enabled the creation of more than 300 new course sections, the majority with fewer than 20 seats, to promote more personalized instruction and mentorship. MORE

Informatics Hiring Initiative (2015)

Designed to expand instruction and research in the rapidly growing field of informatics. Faculty hired through this initiative are using big data to address challenges ranging from the spread of infectious diseases to securing our nation’s energy grids. MORE

Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholars (2015 - Present)

Since 2015, the University has recruited seven Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholars, bringing the total to 18. These highly accomplished scientists have two goals: to conduct research that addresses the grand challenges facing the world while also fostering science- and technology-based economic development. MORE

Extraordinary Research Faculty Hiring Initiative (2014)

Faculty hired through this initiative are seeking new treatments for infectious diseases, developing tools to diagnose and combat cancer, and developing methods to improve the yield and quality of fruit and vegetable crops. MORE

Interdisciplinary Hiring Faculty Hiring Initiative (2013)

Targeted faculty members who conduct research across traditional academic disciplines, where many of the world’s most complex problems now reside. Faculty hired through this initiative are working in areas such as mobile health computing technology, poultry health and production, and biological imaging and brain mapping. MORE