Strategic Planning

2010–2020 Strategic Plan

Through an inclusive, University-wide effort, the University of Georgia 2010–2020 Strategic Planning Committee examined the strategic framework of the University for the coming decade and identified seven strategic directions to focus institutional development from 2010–2020. Building on the framework of those seven strategic directions, the original plan was updated in 2012 by a team of faculty and administrator “champions” and was approved by the University Council. 

The current plan, Building on Excellence, University of Georgia 2020 Strategic Plan, includes goals and metrics for tracking progress in seven strategic directions:

  1. Building on Excellence in Undergraduate Education
  2. Enhancing Graduate and Professional Programs
  3. Investing in Proven and Emerging Areas of Research Excellence
  4. Serving the Citizens of the State of Georgia and Beyond
  5. Improving Faculty Recognition, Retention, and Development
  6. Improving and Maintaining Facilities and Infrastructure
  7. Improving Stewardship of Natural Resources and Advancing Campus Sustainability