Office of Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs supports faculty hiring, promotion and professional development at the University of Georgia by maintaining faculty records, implementing faculty-related policies, and providing faculty with career development programs for each stage of their career. Elizabeth Weeks, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, directs the office.

Information on the Working Group on Faculty Evaluation Policies and Practices, which was charged by Provost S. Jack Hu with helping develop revisions to the University’s policies and practices on faculty promotion and tenure, annual evaluation, and post-tenure review, is available here.

Guidance on Temporary Coverage of Faculty Duties

UGA Administrative Memo

Faculty Evaluations

Annual Faculty Evaluation Policy



Dual Career Faculty Application Form

Degree Change Request Form

Faculty Data Correction Request Form


Academic Affairs Policy Manual, Section 1:  Faculty

Office of Faculty Affairs
225 New College
Athens, GA 30602