Faculty Promotion, Tenure & Evaluation

Guidelines for University of Georgia faculty promotion, tenure and evaluation are linked below, organized by faculty rank. Additional resources and information about the promotion, tenure and evaluation process are also linked below.

Promotion Guidelines for Different Faculty Ranks

Academic Rank (Asst Professors, Assoc Professors, Professors and Instructors)

Academic Professionals

Clinical Faculty



Public Service Faculty

Research Scientists

Annual Memos & Approval Reports

Faculty Evaluation and Promotion and Tenure Updates and Clarifications (May 2024)

Deadlines for Selected Faculty Promotions (Academic, Clinical, Academic Professional and Lecturer Ranks) and Tenure Recommendations (2024-2025)

Deadlines for Promotion of Librarians, Public Service Faculty and Research Scientists (2024-2025)

COVID-19 Impacts on Faculty Productivity for Promotion and Tenure 

Lecturer Guidelines Implementation

Dossier Submission Materials

Electronic Dossier Checklist (Revised 02/16/24)

Recommendation for Promotion and/or Tenure Form for Academic Rank Faculty (Revised 07/09/24)

Recommendation for Promotion Form: Academic Professional, Lecturer, Librarian, Public Service, and Research Scientist Ranks (Revised 03/30/16)

Recommendation for Promotion Form: Lecturers (Revised 10/04/23)

Recommendation for Promotion Form: Clinical Faculty (Revised 03/30/16)

Example: Letter of Transmittal

Example: Table of Contents (Revised 08/05/15)

Template: Dean Cover Letter

Faculty Evaluations

Annual Faculty Evaluation Policy

Written Annual Evaluation Template

Faculty Performance Review Reporting

Performance Remediation Plan Template

Post Tenure Review

Post-Tenure Review Deadlines (2023-2024)

Post-Tenure Review Survey

Post-Tenure Review Policy

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Promotion and Tenure Workshops

Find the current list of upcoming workshops on this page. Below you'll find recordings of past sessions:

Academic Professional Promotion Guidelines Workshop Video (03/14/2024)

Lecturer Appointment and Promotion Guidelines Workshop Video (02/08/2024)

Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Workshop Handout (2024)

Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Workshop Video (03/05/2024)

Promotion and Tenure Procedures Workshop Video (11/07/2023)