Current Initiatives

  • Faculty Hiring Initiatives

    Strategic hiring initiatives have enhanced the learning environment for students and enabled the recruitment of faculty members who advance UGA's Great Commitments of Healthier People, A More Secure Future, and Stronger Communities.
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  • Georgia Network for Electric Mobility

    This campus-wide initiative, launched in 2022, provides seed funding for new electric mobility projects and brings together thought leaders to discuss innovative approaches to electric mobility across Georgia and the region. 
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  • Active Learning Initiative

    Launched in 2022, this initiative to enhance student learning was developed as part of UGA’s reaffirmation of accreditation by the Southern Association of College and Schools. Leah Carmichael, director of active learning, is leading the implementation of the five-year, $6 million campus-wide initiative to promote and enhance the use of active learning strategies in the undergraduate classroom. 
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  • Aspire Alliance IChange Network

    Building on the successes of programs that promote diversity among undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields, the University of Georgia has joined a multi-institution alliance that is working to enhance faculty diversity and the use of inclusive teaching practices.
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  • Task Force on Academic Excellence

    The 23-member Task Force on Academic Excellence will help develop recommendations to enhance academic excellence at the University of Georgia, with an initial focus on the areas of research and graduate education. 
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  • Affordable Course Materials Grant Program

    Free online textbooks and other open educational resources can help keep students on track toward graduation by improving grades and pass rates, as well as reducing costs. Through this program, faculty members can receive support to transition from costly textbooks to open educational resources.
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  • Elevating Graduate and Professional Education

    The University of Georgia is continuing an initiative to increase the enrollment of graduate students by offering new funding opportunities, innovative interdisciplinary programs and a wider array of professional development opportunities.
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  • Women’s Leadership Initiative

    In 2015, UGA launched an initiative to enhance the representation of women in leadership roles on campus. The ongoing Women’s Leadership Initiative is addressing issues such as recruitment and hiring, career development, work-life balance and leadership development.
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  • Strategic Planning

    The 2025 Strategic Plan provides the roadmap for the University community and is grounded in three broad and mission-centered strategic directions:

    1. Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning
    2. Growing Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
    3. Strengthening Partnerships with Communities across Georgia and around the World

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