• Double Dawgs

    Students at the University of Georgia now have nearly 150 opportunities to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years or less through an innovative linked-degree program known as Double Dawgs.

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  • Presidential Hiring Initiatives

    Strategic hiring initiatives have enhanced the learning environment for students and enabled the recruitment of faculty members who advance UGA's Great Commitments of Healthier People, A More Secure Future, and Stronger Communities.

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  • Elevating Graduate and Professional Education

    The University of Georgia has launched an initiative to increase the enrollment of graduate students by offering new funding opportunities, innovative interdisciplinary programs and a wider array of professional development opportunities.

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  • Women’s Leadership Initiative

    UGA has launched an initiative to enhance the representation of women in leadership roles on campus. The Women’s Leadership Initiative is addressing issues such as recruitment and hiring, career development, work-life balance and leadership development.

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  • Great Committments

    Input from faculty, deans and other administrators, as well as the use of multiple data analytics tools, has illuminated three broad signature research themes, also known as Great Committments, at the University of Georgia:

    Healthier People
    A More Secure Future
    Stronger Communities

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  • Strategic Plan

    Through an inclusive, University-wide effort, the University of Georgia 2010-2020 Strategic Planning Committee examined the strategic framework of the University and identified seven strategic directions to focus institutional development. Building on the framework of those seven strategic directions, the original plan was updated and approved by the University Council in 2012.

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