Happy Birthday, FACS!

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UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year with a series of events that highlight its role in advancing health, well-being and economic vitality.

In 1918, the University’s first 12 female students enrolled in what was then called the Division of Home Economics. Those trailblazers paved the way for what is now UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences, which is celebrating 100 years of life-changing teaching, research and service.

Under the direction of Mary Creswell, who later became the first women to earn an undergraduate degree from UGA, the Division of Home Economics taught courses in areas such as foods and cookery, textiles and clothing, home administration and education. Today, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences has an enrollment of more than 1,500 men and women who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in four departments—foods and nutrition; textiles, merchandising and interiors; financial planning, housing and consumer economics; and human development and family science.

In addition to educating students, faculty members in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences conduct research that improves health, relationships, financial well-being and the economically important fields of textiles and polymers. Recent discoveries by faculty members in the college include a magnet-based drug delivery system that shows promise for treating cancer, a new and inexpensive method to manufacture extremely thin polymers known as nanofibers, and interventions that reduce obesity in infants and prevent substance use and behavior problems among youth.

Through its outreach and Extension work, the College shares evidence-based knowledge that helps individuals and families improve their health, relationships and finances. The ASPIRE Clinic, for example, provides couples and family therapy, financial counseling and nutrition counseling. Through UGA Extension, the College reaches across the state to share information on issues ranging from obesity to family finances and relationships.

The College of Family and Consumer Sciences exemplifies the role that land-grant research universities play in promoting health, well-being and economic vitality. Thanks to its outstanding faculty, staff and students, as well as the leadership of Dean Linda Kirk Fox, the College is poised to build on its storied legacy for years to come.

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