Teaching Awards

The awards listed below recognize and support outstanding instruction and mentorship at the University of Georgia.  

General Teaching Awards
University of Georgia Award for Excellence in Teaching

Established in 2021 based on a recommendation from the UGA Teaching Academy, this award communicates the University of Georgia’s commitment to its teaching mission and recognizes the corps of teaching faculty whose time is primarily dedicated to offering outstanding instruction to our students. MORE

Creative Teaching Awards

The Creative Teaching Awards recognize UGA faculty for excellence in developing and implementing creative teaching methods to improve student learning. MORE

Graduate School Outstanding Mentoring Awards

This Graduate School award recognizes excellence in a variety of mentoring functions. MORE

Service-Learning Teaching Excellence Award

The Service-Learning Teaching Excellence Award recognizes UGA faculty for excellence in developing, implementing, and sustaining academic service-learning opportunities for UGA students in domestic and/or international settings. MORE 

Early Career Teaching Awards
The J. Hatten Howard III Award

The J. Hatten Howard III award, named after late geology professor J. Hatten Howard III, was established to recognize faculty members who exhibit special promise in teaching Honors courses early in their careers. MORE 

Russell Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 

The Russell Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recognize excellence in undergraduate instruction by faculty members in their early academic careersMORE

Senior Faculty Teaching Awards

The Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor Award

The Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor Award recognizes superior teaching and dedication to Honors students in senior faculty members. MORE

Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorships

The Meigs Professorship communicates the University of Georgia’s commitment to excellence in teaching, the value placed on the learning experiences of our students, and the centrality of instruction to the University's mission. MORE 

Graduate Student Teaching Awards
Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Awards 

The Excellence in Teaching Award was established by the Graduate School to recognize students who have demonstrated superior teaching skills and have contributed to teaching beyond their own classroom responsibilities, making a significant contribution to the instructional mission of the University. MORE