Fifth-Year Interim Report 2018

The Fifth-Year Interim Report is one of the two primary reports institutions develop to document ongoing compliance with SACSCOC principles and policies of accreditation. The report is designed to meet USDOE mandates for continuous monitoring between decennial reviews.  The University of Georgia's Fifth-Year Interim Report to SACSCOC is due on March 15, 2018. 

The two essential components of the Fifth-Year Interim Report are:
         - An abbreviated Compliance Certification
         - A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Impact Report


UGA Fifth-Year Interim Report (FYIR) Planning

FYIR Leadership Committee 

A Leadership Committee of UGA faculty and administrators has been assembled and charged to ensure the University of Georgia demonstrates compliance with the principles and requirements of the FYIR, due on March 15, 2018.

Expected Timeline

September—December 2016
         Team conducts compliance audit of required principles, make recommendations as needed

January 2017—September 2017
         Team, completes compliance certification and FYOS impact report drafts

October 2017—December 2017
         Team reviews and refines compliance certification and FYOS Impact report

December 2017
         Final compliance certification and FYOS impact report delivered for administration review

January 2018—February 2018
         Team reviews and revises as needed

March 2018
         Submit FYIR to SACSCOC