Reaffirmation of Accreditation

SACSCOC Leadership Team

The Leadership Team oversees the compliance and QEP processes, ensures unit-level support of both efforts, directs administrative action as needed in support of compliance, approves all final submissions to SACSCOC, and participates in the campus visit of the On-Site Review Committee.


  Name   Title, Office
  Jere W. Morehead, Chair   President
  S. Jack Hu   Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  Ryan A. Nesbit   Vice President for Finance and Administration
  Kelly K. Kerner   Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
  Tobin R. Carr   Vice President for Government Relations
  Kathy Pharr   Interim Vice President for Marketing and Communications
  Rahul Shrivastav   Vice President for Instruction
  David C. Lee   Vice President for Research
  Jennifer L. Frum   Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
  Victor K. Wilson   Vice President for Student Affairs
  Timothy M. Chester   Vice President for Information Technology
  Margaret A. Amstutz   Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Chief of Staff
  SACSCOC Liaison
  W. Kyle Tschepikow   Special Assistant to the President
  David E. Shipley   Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Law
  2019-2020 Chair, Executive Committee of the University Council
  Henry J. Munneke   QEP Topic Selection Committee Chair
  TBD   QEP Development and Implementation Team Chair

SACSCOC Compliance Team
The Compliance Team is charged to audit UGA’s state of compliance, make recommendations for action in support of compliance as needed, draft compliance narratives to address SACSCOC expectations, and provide documentation that supports the compliance narratives for the UGA 2022 SACSCOC Reaffirmation.


  Name   Title, Office
  Meg Amstutz, Chair   Associate Provost, Academic Programs and Chief of Staff 
  SACSCOC Liaison
  Allan Aycock   Senior Director, Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness
  Beth Bailey   Senior Associate General Counsel, Legal Affairs
  Steve Balfour   Director, Office of Online Learning
  Paul Brooks   Associate Vice President, Public Service and Outreach
  Katie Burr   Associate Director, Assessment
  Julia Butler-Mayes   Director, Academic Advising Services
  Katie Chapman   Program Review Coordinator, Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness
  Krista Coleman-Silvers   Assistant to the Vice President, Finance and Administration 
  Director, Space Management
  Brooke Daniel   Assistant Director, Office of Curriculum Systems
  Nancy Ferguson   Interim Director, Office of Student Financial Aid
  Kara Fresk   Director, Learning and Strategic Initiatives, Student Affairs
  Toby Graham   Associate Provost and Director, University Libraries
  David Graves   Interim Senior Executive Director, Undergraduate Admissions
  Darrice Griffin   Deputy Director of Administration, Athletics
  Shelly Hooks   Associate Vice President, Research 
  Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
  Juan Jarrett   Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  Paul Klute   Associate Vice President and Chief Institutional Research and Data Officer
  Fiona Liken   Registrar and Associate Vice President for Instruction
  Maggie McAllister   Chief of Staff, Development and Alumni Relations
  Vicki Michaelis   Carmical Chair in Sports Journalism and Society, Department of Journalism  
  Chair, Narrative Review Team
  Nathan Moore   Post-Doctoral Fellow, Office of the President
  Maggie Parker   Associate Director for Accreditation, Accreditation and  Institutional Effectiveness
  James Shore   Senior Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration
  Jill Tincher   Executive Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
  Kyle Tschepikow   Special Assistant to the President and Director for Strategy and Innovation,
  Office of the President
  Bill Vencill   Associate Vice President for Instruction
  Ron Walcott   Interim Dean, Graduate School 
  Professor, Department of Plant Pathology
  Matt Waller   Chief of Staff, Student Affairs
  Elizabeth Weeks   Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs 
  Charles H. Kirbo Chair of Law
  Lynn Wilson   Deputy CIO, Enterprise Information Technology Services
  QEP Chair (TBD)   QEP Chair - QEP Development and Implementation Team

SACSCOC Narrative Review Team
The Narrative Review Team will review all draft compliance narratives for clarity, consistency, and completeness and will provide suggestions for improvement to OAIE and the Compliance Team members.


  Name   Title, Office
  Vicki Michaelis, Chair   Carmical Chair in Sports Journalism and Society, Department of Journalism
  Carl Bergman   Associate Vice President for Research, Office of Research 
  Associate Director, CCRC
  Shannon Brooks   Director, Office of Service Learning
  Bill McDonald   Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  Marisa Pagnattaro   Vice Provost for Academic Affairs 
  Professor, Department of Insurance, Legal Studies and Real Estate
  Holley Schramski   Lecturer, J.M. Tull School of Accounting
  David Williams   Associate Provost and Director, Honors Program 
  Professor, Department of Religion
  Bill Wraga   Professor, College of Education

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Topic Selection Committee


The QEP Topic Selection Committee is charged to identify potential QEP topics based on the report of the Task Force for Student Learning and Success and the UGA 2025 Strategic Plan, collect existing data and campus input relevant to those topics, and recommend a specific topic for QEP development for the UGA 2022 SACSCOC Reaffirmation.  


  Name   Title, Office
  Henry Munnecke (Chair)   Roy Adams Dorsey Distinguished Chair in Real Estate, Associate Dean, Terry
  Sonia Altizer   UGA Athletic Association Professor, Odum School of Ecology
  Peggy Brickman   Meigs Professor, Plant Biology, Franklin College
  Rachel Byers   SGA President
  Santanu Chatterjee   Josiah Meigs Professor of Economics, Terry College
  Gary Green   Meigs Professor and Assistant Dean, Warnell School
  Audrey Haynes   Meigs Professor, Public and International Affairs
  Jean Martin Williams   Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Associate Dean, Franklin College
  Luke Naeher   Professor, Environmental Health Science, College of Public Health
  Lance Palmer   Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences
  Henry Young   Kroger Professor, Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy