Substantive Change

As per the University of Georgia’s Academic Affairs Policy 2.01-19 on Substantive Change, the University is required to notify SACSCOC of any “significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of the institution” in accordance with the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy. In some cases, SACSCOC requires approval prior to the initiation of those changes.

A wide variety of actions are considered substantive changes under the above policy.  Some of the most common substantive changes that must be reported include:

  • termination of programs
  • creation of new programs that differ significantly from current programs
  • new off-campus sites of instructional delivery
  • agreements with other institutions to offer dual or joint degrees*

*When UGA enters into an agreements with other entities or institutions to offer courses, programs, or dual or joint degrees, it must follow also the SACSCOC Agreements Involving Joint and Dual Academic Awards Policy, which requires specific contractual protections in the agreement and notification of SACSCOC prior to implementation.

At UGA, the Office of Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness, in concert with SACSCOC Liaison, Associate Provost for Academic Programs Meg Amstutz, is responsible for reporting substantive changes to SACSCOC. If you think a change in your area could possibly be a substantive change and/or a dual or joint degree, please contact Allan Aycock, Senior Director, at 706-542-9902 or