UGA Centers & Institutes

The University of Georgia hosts a robust set of formal centers and institutes.

Centers and institutes are organizational forms designed to further the University's instructional, research, and public service missions in ways that cannot be addressed through traditional structures, such as departments, schools, and colleges. Though centers and institutes are an integral part of the university, their respective missions should not duplicate those of departments, schools, and colleges. Instead, they should offer programs or opportunities that cannot be offered at least as well through existing structures. The key ingredient of any center or institute is "value added."

Linked below is the list of centers and institutes that have been approved via the requisite University policies.

UGA Centers & Institutes

This list does not include many units or facilities on campus that are correctly called “centers” (e.g., that Miller Learning Center or the Disability Resource Center) and may play a vital role in support of the University’s mission but do not fall within the scope of the center and institute polices.

The two governing policies are linked below.