Instructor of Record Credentialing

 UGA Academic Affairs Policy:

Units Supporting Instructor of Record Credentialing Process

Loading Instructors of Record in Banner

All new faculty will be loaded in Banner as potential course instructors by the Office of Faculty Affairs, after the faculty member’s hiring proposal is fully approved and their employment record is entered in OneUSG Connect.

Graduate teaching assistants, graduate lab assistants, and post-doctoral research and teaching associates who need to serve as instructors of record will be loaded in Banner as potential course instructors only if the hiring unit sends a specific “Banner Load Request” to the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA).  To do so, please complete the Non-faculty Banner Load Request Form for each individual who needs to be added to Banner as a potential instructor of record. All requests for entry into Banner must be submitted by a department head or associate dean, and should be submitted to OFA at least one week before the employee is scheduled to begin teaching.

GTA/GLA Alternative Credentials to be Instructor of Record - Approved Course List

GTA/GLA Approval Request Form

Dean Approval Template