On-Campus Resource Guide

The following on-campus resource guide will help incoming faculty prepare for work at UGA. 

Academic calendar

Learn about important dates for courses, registration, scheduling, and exams.
home Academic Calendars
email Office of the Registrar
phone 2-4040 

Additional Resources: UGA Calendar of Events

Academic Integrity

Learn about issues related to honor code and academic honesty.
home Academic Honesty
email Coordinator for Academic Honesty
phone 2-4336


Learn about health & disability insurance, coverage start dates, benefits forms, discounts.
home Human Resources
email Employee Benefits, Human Resources 
phone 2-2222 

Career Center

Learn about student (undergraduate, graduate, and alumni) career development; classroom presentations or other career development resources.
home Career Center
email Career Development
phone 2-3375 

Additional Resources: Career Center Staff Directory

Center for Teaching and Learning

Learn about faculty development and recognition, TA development and recognition, student learning outcome assessment, classroom support, learning technologies, scholarship of teaching and learning, media and production services.
home Center for Teaching and Learning
Megan Mittelstadt, Director

Additional Resources: Staff Directory

Course and student logistical issues

Learn about banner training materials, grade submission, FERPA student privacy, pass/fail, drop/withdrawl and other course- and student-related policies and procedures.
home Registrar's Services- Faculty and Staff
email Office of the Registrar
phone 2-4040


Learn about course approvals (CAPA) , course catalog (the Bulletin), First Year Odyssey, advising, new academic programs incl. majors, departments, centers & institute.
home Curriculum Systems, Office of Registrar
Curriculum Systems (Office of VP for Instruction)


Learn about assistance resolving concerns and disputes.
home UGA Ombudspersons
Jenny Gaver, faculty ombudsperson

Diversity and Inclusion 

Learn about diversity initiatives and training.
home Institutional Diversity, UGA
Michelle Garfield Cook, Vice Provost, Office of Institutional Diversity
706-583 -8195

Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)

Learn about faculty search requirements, NonDiscrimination Anti-HarassmentPolicy, Making an EOO report or complaint; disabilities.
home UGA Equal Opportunity Office
E. Janyce Dawkins, Director

Experiential Learning

Learn about elevating a student’s trajectory, enhancing competencies, and enabling opportunities.

home UGA Experiential Learning
email ugael@uga.edu
phone 706-542-2177

Additional links:
EL Scholarship Brochure
EL Overview Brochure
Experiential Learning and the World of Tomorrow


Learn about faculty searches, offers & appointments, promotion & tenure, leave of absence, endowed positions, professional development.
home Office of Faculty Affairs
email OFA Directory



Learn about exercise/fitness centers on campus, outdoor recreation, kayak rentals, climbing gym, swimming, etc.
home Ramsey Center and Rec Sports
Keith Wenrich, Director of Recreational Sports

Graduate Students

Learn about graduate applications, graduate faculty, graduate coordinators. 
home Graduate School
email Graduate School Contacts


Legal Matters

Learn about legal advice, grievances, dispute resolution. 
home Office of Legal Affairs

Ask your college for your specific OLA contact

Additional Resources: Legal Affairs Contacts

Mental Health Counseling (students)

Learn about mental health therapy or crisis.
home CAPS Mental Health Resources
email Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)
phone 2-2273 After hours: 2- 2200

Office of Instruction

 Learn about improving student learning.
homeOffice of Instruction
email OVPI Directory


Learn about new faculty resources.
home OneSource
email OneSource
phone  2-2222

Open Records Requests

Learn about responding to or submitting an open records request (written or verbal).
home UGA Open Records 
email Open Records
phone  2-8090

Personnel Matters - Various

Learn about posting new staff positions, compensation, workplaceconcerns, annual & sick leave.
home Human Resources
email Human Resources

See resources for supervisors on website at right; HR contacts are on far right)
phone  2-2222

Additional Resources: HR Contacts


Learn about any emergency.
home UGA Police Homepage
email UGA Police/ACC Police
phone 911, 2-2200 (non-emergency)

Additional Resources: UGA Police/ACC Police Emergency Contacts

Public Service & Outreach

Learn about New Faculty Tour, Leadership Academy, Experience UGA, service learning, public service faculty promotions.
home Public Service & Outreach Programs
email OVPPSO Directory
phone  2-6167

Additional Resources: PSO Faculty Promotion Info


Learn about funding, research services & awards, compliance, technology transfer. 
home Office of Research-Start Your Research Program
email Office of Research Directory
phone 2-5969

Student Clubs

Learn about student organizations at UGA; using allocations from student activity fees.
home Student Organizations
email Center for Student Activities & Involvement
phone  2-6396

Student Care & Outreach

Learn about academic hardship withdrawals, locating students, student deaths, incompletes.
home Student Care & Outreach
email Beau Seagraves, Assoc. Dean of Students & Dir. of Student Care and Outreach
phone 2-7444

Student Disability Accomodations

Learn about accommodations for students in a course; captioning for videos, sign language interpretation,notetakers, universal design.
home Guidelines for Accomodation
email Erin Benson, Director,Disability Resource Center
phone  2-8719

Additional Resources: Disability Resource Center

Student Handbook

Learn about student resources, policies, and safety. 
home UGA Student Handbook

Study Abroad

Learn about starting or managing an educational program in another country; insurance.
home UGA StudyAway
email Yana Cornish, Director Education Abroad
phone  2-2900 

Addtional Resources:
Office of Global Engagement
Office of International Education Directory

Technology Services (EITS)

Learn about university email, MyUGA Portal, MyID, PAWS-Secure wireless, eLearning Commons, cable channel.
home EITS
email Timothy M. Chester, VP for Information Technology
phone 2-3106

UGA Safe

Learn about the mobile app that offers important emergency information and resources. 
home UGA Safe
email prepare@uga.edu
phone 706-542- 5845

UGA Elements

Learn about faculty professional activity record system.
home UGA Elements
email elements@uga.edu
phone 706-425- 3285

Additional Resources: Elements Unit Contacts

University Health Services

Learn about physical, psychological and psychiatric care for students.
home University Health Services
email Garth S. Russo, Executive Director
phone  2-1162

Additional Resources: Counseling Services


Learn about hiring or hosting international faculty, staff, or students.
home UGA Immigration Office
email Robin Catmur-Smith, Director Immigration Services
phone 2-2900

Additional Resources: International and Travel Abroad Resources- Faculty & Staff

Worklife Balance

Learn about worklife balance, Employee Assistance Program.
home Work Life Balance
email Kiz Adams, Director Worklife Balance
phone 2-7319 

Workplace Concerns

Learn about resources for issues related to the workplace, including grievance and dispute resolution, disabilityservices, performance management and separation checklists.
home HR-Workplace Concerns
email Human Resources
phone 2-2222