Fight Against the Flu

Dr. Ted Ross, the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar of Infectious Diseases and director of UGA's Center for Vaccines and Immunology, is leading a team of researchers who are working to develop a universal flu vaccine that would protect against all strains of the virus.

  • UGA Foundation Fellowship

    The Foundation Fellowship is the University of Georgia’s foremost undergraduate scholarship emphasizing community travel research and academic excellence. MORE
  • Career Outcomes Results for Class of 2015

    The Career Outcomes Initiative provides insight into the employment and continuing education status of UGA graduates within an average of 6 months of their graduation date. Additionally, the data provides detailed employment, salary, and graduate school information. MORE
  • UGA to collaborate with GeoVax on Zika vaccine

    The University of Georgia has entered into a collaborative research agreement with GeoVax Labs Inc. to develop and test a vaccine to prevent the emerging and virulent Zika virus infection. The collaboration will combine the vaccine development expertise of UGA researchers led by GRA Eminent Scholar Ted Ross, who directs UGA's Center for Vaccines and Immunology, with GeoVax's novel vaccine platform technology. MORE
  • 2016 State of the University Address

    UGA President Jere W. Morehead recently delivered the State of the University address, where he discussed the core functions of preparing students to lead, addressing grand challenges and fulfilling our promise to serve. MORE
  • Every gift counts

    Gifts from donors allow students to experience study abroad, service learning and more at the University of Georgia. The financial support helps build a world-class learning environment and transforms the lives of students. MORE
  • Who's the First?

    On September 2, 2015, Schley County Middle High School senior, MacKenzie, was the first student in the nation to apply to the University of Georgia for Fall 2016 admission. This deserving student from Ellaville, Georgia received the surprise of a lifetime a week early and became the FIRST student admitted to the Class of 2020. MORE
  • Count Me In

    Have you been counted? University of Georgia is conducting Count Me In, a research study of learning, living, and working at UGA now through November 20, 2015. The study is designed to collect information about positive and challenging aspects of our campus community. You can learn more at The survey is available at for faculty, staff and students. MORE
  • Breakthroughs in Georgia: A new drug to stop HIV

    It's been called "the point of no return" - the precise moment that an enzyme from HIV inserts itself into human DNA. When it happens, it's game over, and the body becomes infected. But GRA Eminent Scholar Vasu Nair discovered a way to arrest this enzyme, called HIV integrase, before it invades DNA. The University of Georgia scientist developed a small-molecule drug that binds itself to a different part of the HIV integrase enzyme, effectively blocking it - and the drug doesn't appear to carry the side effects of other similar drugs. MORE
  • Introduction to Wellness for People with Disabilities Course

    Kinesiology graduate student Ashley Fallaize is a teacher, teaching teachers. She teaches the long session summer course Introduction to Wellness for Individuals with Disabilities. It's a class that gives hands on experience to students while offering lifelong health instruction for disabled members of the Athens area community. MORE
  • Welcome to UGA

    UGA President Jere W. Morehead welcomes students, faculty and staff to the 2015-2016 academic year at the University of Georgia. The UGA family has much to celebrate and much to look forward to during the coming year. MORE