Intensive Professional Development for Faculty

Intensive professional development (IPD) opportunities are sustained, cohort-based programs designed to strengthen faculty capacity and success in support of one’s career trajectory (e.g., teaching, administration, research, service/outreach, student success, or other aspects of the faculty role). Regardless of whether they are virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid, IPD programs often involve:

  • Eligibility criteria or a selection process
  • At least four synchronous meetings over a single semester
  • At least 15 hours of active engagement
  • Individual or group engagement projects
  • Program offerings on an annual or some other regular recurring basis

This definition and the list below were coordinated by the 2022-23 UGA Action Research team, which is comprised of the representatives from the Center for Teaching & Learning, Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Learning Community, Office of Faculty Affairs, and Office of Research.


Intensive Professional Development Programs