Guidelines for Requesting Extension of the Tenure Probationary Period

A faculty member may request a one-year extension of the probationary period in situations that are qualifying events under the Family and Medical Leave Act, but which do not necessarily result in the faculty member taking a formal leave of absence. Examples of such events include an extended illness, disability, childbirth, adoption of a child, death of an immediate family member, or extended care of an ill child or immediate family member. Extensions of the probationary term will be limited to no more than a total of two years. Faculty who receive a one-year extension before completing their third-year review will automatically delay this review until the end of their fourth year in rank. Faculty who receive a two-year extension before completing their third-year review will automatically delay this review until the end of their fifth year in rank.

A faculty member should apply for an extension as soon as it becomes clear that an extenuating circumstance has substantially impeded (or will impede) progress toward tenure in specific ways. Such requests normally shall be made within three months of the extenuating event. Requests for an extension should not be made prematurely on the basis of speculation about how a coming event might affect progress toward tenure.

Procedures: Requests for extensions of time shall be reviewed and approved by the Dean before submission to the Provost for final consideration. The following written information will be provided by the faculty member:

  1. date of appointment;
  2. terminal tenure decision year (seventh academic year in rank; to determine see Tenure Clock Calendar);
  3. reason for requesting an extension;
  4. date of the qualifying event(s);
  5. explanation of how the event(s) substantially burdened (or will burden) progress to tenure;
  6. outline of the specific work for which progress has been (or will be) hampered;
  7. copy of the vita.

In addition, all requests must include a letter of support from the faculty member’s Department Head/Director (as applicable) and Dean.

Forward the completed request for processing and approval to

Office of Faculty Affairs
225 New College
Campus Mail

If questions contact: Office of Faculty Affairs, (706) 542-0547

12/05, Revised 03/09, 03/10, 03/15